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About Us

World Nepalese Students' Organisation (WNSO) is a well-esteemed and prominent platform for prospective students. WNSO has been emerged by a crowd of enthusiastic students. The first and foremost motto of this organisation is to provide accurate and elaborative information for the students having eagerness to study abroad.

Welcome to WNSO Greeting Section

Finally, we are in position to offer our members special greeting cards section to greet, wish and remember their love ones.

Please send WNSO Greeting Card to your love ones, whenever you need to greet them, whenever you need to wish them good luck, and whenever you remember them. Or it could be just invitation to join WNSO. Send a flower to let them know how much they mean to you. Make them feel that how much you care them. Show them you support WNSO for not only you, but for generation to come.

WNSO is run by Nepalese Students living around the world. If you have not join WNSO yet, please join WNSO, be a member, be a part of WNSO for better tomorrow.

If you think you have a nice picture for this site please mail it to info@wnso.org